Useful Maruti Swift Diesel Maintenance Tips

Published: 26th November 2010
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Maintaining a diesel run car needs much more care efforts and money when compared to the maintenance of its petrol counterpart. And when it comes to a city oriented car like Maruti Swift, its proper maintenance is highly essential for achieving the optimum performance as well as enhancing the overall vehicle life. Here are few simple Maruti Swift diesel maintenance tips by following which you will not only be able to successfully keep your car fine tuned for a long time but also be able to keep your pocket safe from large workshop bills.

1)Regular Oil Change: - For a diesel run engine, changing of the old engine oil as per the schedule provided by the company is very important. Diesel run cars carry a comparatively less sophisticated engine when compared to its petrol counter parts thus, should be maintained even more carefully. The engine oil keeps the components lubricated and ensures their proper functioning by reducing the changes of overheating. It is recommended by the company that the engine oil of the Maruti Swift diesel should be changed at the completion of every 10,000 km/ 1 year which ever comes earlier.

2)Fluid Level: - Most people are not aware that maintaining the level of the different fluids of different systems of a car is very important for an uninterrupted and long standing performance of a car. There are a number of fluids that are needed to checked/maintained on a weekly basis that comprise of Transmission fluid, brake fluid, battery fluid and coolant fluid.

3)Regular Servicing: - It is highly important for the Maruti Swift Diesel maintenance to take the car for servicing as per the schedule provided by the company. Before going to the workshop for the servicing of the Maruti Swift, try to make a checklist of the problems you are facing and faults you are witnessing in the car. Tell all of these problems and faults to the mechanic who is going to service the car. After the service take a test ride of the car and cross check all the points you noted down.

4)Driving Behavior: - There are some bad driving habits that not only cause an early wear out of the essential components of Maruti Swift but also affect the overall longevity of the vehicle. These bad habits include keeping your leg on accelerator paddle even when it is not in use, insensible braking at high speeds and not using right speed-gear combination.

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