Perpetual Motion Machines - 4 Simple Steps To Produce Free Energy For A Lifetime

Published: 26th March 2010
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If you are someone who wants to know the steps involved in building perpetual motion machines, then you have reached the right article. You can find detailed instructions on the steps that you need to follow in order to build these machines here.

Create Free Electricity at Home with Magniwork

While it is now that there is a lot of talk going on about perpetual motion machines, the concept has been actually in existence for well over several centuries now. In fact, there are several historical references which point out to the the earliest magnet motor device somewhere around 1269 by a person named Peter Peregrinus.

One of the major advantage with these machines is with a little bit of effort and investment of time , you can build one of them right in your home. Moreover, you can find most of the supplies that you will need to build one at a local store near you too. Let us take a look at the steps involved in building perpetual motion machines here.

1.As the first step you should make ready a wheel on a tilting axis and is capable of spinning. You should then go about the process of attaching magnets around the circumference of the wheel with the same polarities facing out.

2.The second step involved in building perpetual motion machines will need you to build another ring and place it outside the first inner ring. You will similarly need to attach magnets in this ring too with the same polarities facing out.

3.Once both these rings are ready , with the same polarities facing each other, the perpetual spinning motion will be induced. This is the force that will power this unique generator.

4.Since the force created by the same polarities of magnets helps run the perpetual motion machines, they can go on running indefinitely.They will not need a third party powering device in order to help them go on forever.

Perpetual motion machines will offer you free electricity for a lifetime. One of the good things about these machines is that they are not dependent on the weather conditions to propel them, unlike the case of windmills or solar panels. Moreover they are also quite easy to build, which is not often the case with the other devices that are meant for generating electricity. They also don't require much of maintenance too, making them the alternative sources of energy to watch out for in the future.

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