Perpetual Motion Generator - Cheaper, Cleaner, Perpetual Source Of Energy To Power Your Home

Published: 26th March 2010
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If you are someone who is plain fed up of the rising energy bills, then there is some good news waiting for you in this article. There is technology available in the form of perpetual motion generator, that can help you generate electricity for almost free. No longer do you need to worry about energy bills virtually going through roof, once you have one of these generators in your home.

Create Free Electricity at Home with Magniwork

There is one major advantage that a perpetual motion generator has got over windmills and solar panels, the other widely used devices for tapping alternative sources of energy. This is because it is easier to build and is also long lasting. Moreover, it does not depend on any natural source to power it, which is the case with windmills and solar panels.

The magnets inside the generator produce electricity which you can use to power the electrical appliances in your home. In fact, already thousands of homeowners are benefiting from the immense possibilities of this technology. Once installed, it will virtually mean that your electricity needs are solved perpetually. The machine will run by itself and only requires minimal maintenance.

The perpetual motion generator works on the principle of attraction and repulsion of magnets. Magnets are placed in such a position that there is repulsive force generated between opposite ends. The magnets are placed on the same polarity, close to each other to create a repulsive force , which in turn induces motion. This motion is repeated on its own , thereby generating electricity.

You can easily build a perpetual motion generator on your own. Almost all the materials and supplies that you will need for the device can be bought at a hardware or home improvement store near you. Most of the households will also have the basic tools needed to put together the different parts too. In fact, the tools that you can find in your kitchen or in your garage will do for building the generator.

Once you have the tools and materials ready, you can go ahead with the building process with confidence. You can also take the help of a good guide on the subject. This way , the entire process to build the perpetual motion generator will become a lot easy. You will just need to follow the simple step by step instructions that you can find on the guide and it will be only a matter of few hours, before you are producing electricity to power your home.

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