Online Driver Scan – the Best Way to Enhance your Computer’s Performance

Published: 14th April 2010
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If you are a person who keeps installing new devices and software applications on your system like MP3 games, digital camera equipment, mobile software and others, then you would have noticed a slight decline in the functioning and performance of your PC. This is caused due to the cluttering up of your device driver files which can cause a whole lot of problems like low speed, system error and driver conflicts. Hence it becomes necessary to carry out an online driver scan regularly to detect these problems and correct them immediately.

An online driver scan can be considered as a regular maintenance procedure especially if you have an older PC which is more susceptible to such damages. These are freely available online and can be downloaded easily if you have an internet connection. Using an online driver scan, you can delete old and unnecessary files and also replace them with the current and latest ones to enhance your system's performance. Let us review some of the best device driver scans that can be downloaded from the net.

DriverCure is an online driver scan that is extremely popular and is free to download. Its features include up to date driver maintenance, backup and restoration, increase in speed and automatic driver updates. Another feature is that it does not use up memory space and sends you email alerts every time an update is required. The next best scanner is Driver Detective which has very similar features to the first one and in addition can also upgrade drivers for Windows Vista. It does not send any email alerts but has a large database covering about eleven million applications.

Driver Robot is another online scan which is also free and can be easily downloaded from the net. It can perform offline analysis of your drivers, update them and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7. The next one in the list is Driver Checker which is very useful if you need to remove old drivers and install new ones. The fifth best online driver scan is Fix PC Errors which promises high performance scanning along with backup and up gradation. In addition to this, it also works as a registry cleaner and is free to download like others.

No matter which type of operating system you have, there is always an automatic online scan that is available these days on the internet which can scan and update all your device drivers regularly to enhance and peak your system's functionality and capability.

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