Maruti Alto Maintenance Tips For Indian Users

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Published: 26th November 2010
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Most of us are aware that time to time service and a proper maintenance is highly essential for the performance as well as the longevity of a car. In this article, we are discussing about the maintenance of the India's largest selling car, Maruti Alto. By following a few Maruti Alto maintenance tips, you will not only be able to receive the optimum performance for a long time, but will also be able to achieve a substantially higher fuel economy. In addition to this these Maruti Alto maintenance tips, will also enable you the decrease the emission level of the car so that it leave lower amount of carbon foot prints in the environment. Here are few of these maintenance tips.

1) Engine Oil Change: - The oil keeps parts of the engine well lubricated which in turn reduces the friction level and keeps the engine from over heating. But the lubrication power of the engine oil decrease over a period of time and thus it is very important change as per schedule provided by the company. As per the company guidelines, the engine oil of Maruti Alto should be replaced after every 12,000 km.

2) Maintaining Fluid levels: - There are a number of fluids that are highly essential for the performance of and proper functioning of different parts of a car. This includes brake fluid, battery fluid and coolant fluid level. All of these fluids should be checked on a weekly basis and should be refilled to the recommended level.

3) Periodical Servicing: - One should follow the servicing schedule provided by the company so that the car can be kept fine tunes and its important parts can be kept from wearing-out.

4) Listen to your Alto: - Keep a close eye on the performance of the car while driving it. As soon as you find any fault in any part of the car, get it fine tuned/ repaired at the earliest. By doing this, you will save the part from completely wearing out and causing a big dent in your pocket.

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