How to Get Rid Of Termites Effectively?

Published: 17th March 2009
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Are you having nagging doubts if your house is infested with termites? Well, you should not wait. Do something immediately to get rid of them. They can cause your house so much trouble that you might even find yourself in a stage where you will decide to pull down your house completely. The best methods to get rid of termites can be using natural means like using salt, sodas, natural acids etc. You can even use chemicals that act as toxins for these insects.

You first need to understand about these pests if you want to get rid of termites completely. Their common source of food is wood. It is impossible to keep wood away from your house as this is one of the main substances used in building your house. So the best way would be to prevent these termites from infesting the wood in your house. Make sure that wood does not come in direct contact with the soil termites can infest them easily.

A kitchen garden is something that all of us love to have. But make sure that the plants and trees that you plan to have are placed at a safe distance from your house so that you can get rid of termites, failing which you will surely notice the presence of an entire colony of termites in your garden and affecting your house becomes very easy for them.

You can use toxic baits to get rid of termites. This involves placing a slab of wood that is injected wit toxic chemicals in the periphery of your home. Once this is done, you can be sure of getting rid of them for ever.

Once you get rid of these termites, the next step is to use preventive measures and make sure they do not come back. The most important thing that you need to remember in this regard is to avoid the usage of mulch near our home. You can use citric acid based substances to clean the areas that were infected with termites previously.

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