How to Build a Windmill - Something That You Should Know

Published: 16th April 2009
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Nowadays it is a common trend that people go behind the renewable sources of energy especially windmills. After the launch of homemade windmill, the trend has become much more rapid. Build a windmill has become necessity especially in people residing in hilly areas. There are several reasons to build a windmill.

The first reason to build a windmill is due to its cost effectiveness. After the introduction of the homemade windmills, the initial investment has become quite low that any one can afford these types of windmills easily and thereby indirectly helping you in making use of the natural resource very easily. This can finally help you in cutting down your power bills to a maximum extent. Build a windmill has another advantage that of being pollution free.

To build a windmill requires several materials. Some of the common materials required to build a windmill are DC power motor, blades, body assembly, tail assembly, tower, hub for connecting the blades and generator. Battery bank, nuts, bolts, and a few other hard wares are also required to build a windmill.

Usually a four hundred watts windmill is affordable at around two hundred dollars. To build a windmill is cheap as most of its assembly materials are available cheap and it is possible to make the blades of windmills your self to save money. You can even use your old washing machine's dc motor to build a windmill cheaper. Before you build a windmill its better to note the wind flow of your area, it should be around five to fifteen mph for the turbine to rotate and produce ample electric power.

Of course, it not a simple task to build a windmill but after introducing homemade types of wind mill anyone can manage to make one. You need not be a technical windmill expert but you need to know the step by step procedures if you are about to do this for the first time. Earth4Energy will give you a clear-cut idea of the entire procedures regarding how to build a windmill.

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