Effective ways to Cure Tonsil Stones Without Much Hassle!

Published: 24th August 2009
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It is indeed possible to cure tonsil stones and all their nasty side effects. Just imagine how nice it would be to regain you self confidence after you've managed to clean your chronic bad breath and when you don't have to fear severe coughs right in the middle of your most important speech.

In just a couple of simple steps, you could be starting to ameliorate you current condition and keep the tonsilloliths under control. The first and most important thing to do when trying to cure tonsil stones is to stop eating before going to bed, and if you do eat, make sure you wash the mouth very well. Adding a bid of tongue brushing also helps, as this action drifts away any particles and also loosens existing stones on the tonsils.

You can not cure tonsil stones by brute force though, not every time. They can not be simply pulled out of the tonsils without fatally damaging them. The process of getting a reliable cure is hard and time-consuming, but it will save your tonsils. Otherwise, the only solution offered by medicine is to remove the tonsils along with these stones.

When you already have tonsil stones, you should use mouthwash regularly and even clean the mouth with water and salt, as salt can eliminate bad odors and also corrode on calcium deposits. And since calcium is one base element of tonsil stones, salt is just the thing that's needed to cure tonsil stones.

Some people even consider using blunt objects to move the stones a bit until they loosen. This is a dangerous step, but if there's enough patience and attention, some big stone can be removed this way. You can also cure tonsil stones using the wisdom of others who have done it with success. Don't be afraid to share your concerns with others, because you might find out interesting things about your condition.

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